Philipp was born in the heart of the Ruhr area in Germany in 1980.
He gained his first experiences in film (along with bumps and broken bones) already at school during the
shooting and editing of homemade skate & BMX films.
After receiving his A-Levels, Philipp followed up with several internships in film productions all over Germany
and his desire to make movies grew intensely.

In 2004 his career in film started officially at “PICTORION – das werk”, a renowned post production in Düsseldorf.
Within five years he passed all stages from trainee to senior editor.

Early 2009 he joined the “Schönheitsfarm” (now “The Marmalade”), helping them to establish themselves in
the Düsseldorf market. In return, they made him the Branch Manager in 2012.

June 2013 Philipp made the big step into self-employment as a freelance editor with own cutting place and
has not regretted it ever since. Philipp works Avid, Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere and has an excellent reputation
as a creative and hardworking editor.



Andy Roth, Axel Baur, Christian Henze, Claude Mougin, Daniel Bartels, Daniel Børjessøn, Dino Fetzer, Dustin Schöne, Esteban, Fabian Oefner, Florian Meimberg, Gunnar Fuss, Jens Schillmöller, Ju Lee, Julian Ticona, Kim JacobsenKlaus Kneist, Lars Blumers, Lukas Tielke, Lutz Heineking, Manes Dürr, Mario ZozinMarko Roth, Markus Stummer, Max Luz, Max Tsui, Nik Meyberg, Pascal Heiduk, Philip Hansen, Sandro Suppnig, Sebastian Weiland, Söhnke Wortmann, Sven Stausberg, Stef Soho, Thomas Wommelsdorf (TomWom), Torsten Eichten, Tryan George